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Fall 2018  – Volume 3, Issue 3

♣ Pacific Northwest Megaquake — it may be just around the corner by Dave Duffy
♣ Planning for survival with the OODA loop
by Don Lewis
♣ Where will you get water in an emergency? by Patrice Lewis
♣ Earthquake power
by Jeffrey R. Yago, P.E.
♣ Emergency sanitation
by Patrice Lewis
♣ Medical issues in earthquake scenarios
by Joe Alton, MD
♣ Mommy, I’m hungry!
by Jackie Clay-Atkinson
♣ When natural disaster strikes, a pantry full of canned foods is a real life saver
by Linda Gabris
♣ Keeping clean by Angeline Hawkes
♣ On being sharp by Len McDougall
♣ Survival gardening by Jackie Clay-Atkinson
♣ Tips for the new gardener by Tom Kovach
♣ Short season gardening by Michele Cooper
♣ Make ghee: The shelf-stable way to preserve butter by Kathy Harrison
♣ Preserving pears by Kristina Seleshanko
♣ Make bone broth by Melissa Souza
♣ A scrap bookshelf anyone can make by Roger W. Grim
♣ Ask Jackie by Jackie Clay-Atkinson
♣ Reader feedback

Summer 2018 – Volume 3, Issue 2

♣ Easy-roll duck coop by Miranda Rommel
♣ These tasty campfire bean dishes will keep your crew fed without blowing your budget by Linda Gabris
♣ Many irons in the fire: Living a freelance lifestyle by Patrice Lewis
♣ Saving seeds by Melissa Souza
♣ Build a boat of your own by Robert Van Putten
♣ Establishing a legal family cemetery by Donna O’Shaughnessy
♣ Repotting plants by Tom Kovach
♣ Cedar fence posts by Setanta O’Ceillaigh
♣ Build a boat of your own by Robert Van Putten
♣ Yakisugi: A Japanese method of preserving wood by charring with fire by Rick Brannan
♣ Simple and cheap hay feeders for small livestock by Donna Insco
♣ These six easy tips will help protect your dog’s health by Krista Lawson
♣ Croquettes: The super duper meat stretcher by Angeline Hawkes
♣ Roasted chickpeas: A feast on our farm by Habeeb Salloum
♣ Ask Jackie by Jackie Clay-Atkinson
♣ Recipe cards
♣ Reader feedback

Spring 2018 – Volume 3, Issue 1

♣ Serious homestead gardening by Jackie Clay-Atkinson
♣ Off to a good start — newborn goats and the first days of life by Donna Insco
♣ Build a lever-arm cheese press and make the best cheddar cheese by Patrice Lewis
♣ It’s time to rethink long-term food storage by Jeffrey R. Yago, P.E.
♣ Amen to the Praying Mantis by Allen Easterly
♣ Fruits for the Far North by Johanna Melchiore
♣ Grow potatoes in cages and harvest the easy way by Michele Cooper
Fellowship of the soil by Tom Kovach
♣ Sick of junky tools? Go back in time by David Goodman
♣ Novice chickens from a chicken novice by Dan Gilmer
♣ Adventures in Broodyville by Setanto O’Ceillaigh
♣ Canning Class, Part 7: Canning vegetables by Jackie Clay-Atkinson

Winter 2017 – Volume 2, Issue 4

♣ Impromptu shelters by Charles Sanders
♣ Potato onions: A mainstay for the self-reliant garden by Patrice Lewis
♣ Processing rabbits by Melissa Souza
♣ Happy Hogs by Jenny Flores
♣ Ask Jackie: Homesteading questions by Jackie Clay-Atkinson
♣ The Buddy Burner saves the really cold day by Len McDougall
♣ A key ring with a few mini-sized gadgets might be your first line of defense in an unexpected situation by Jeff Yago
♣ The wonders of ethylene by Patrice Lewis
♣ Preserving rabbit hides by Melissa Souza
♣ Turn half a ham, dried beans, and split peas into 47 delicious meals by Jackie Clay-Atkinson
♣ An abundance of cranberries by Lisa Nourse
♣ Freekeh: An Ancient Cereal from the Past for the Future by Habeeb Salloum
♣ Bean hole beans: A hunter’s delight by Randy Dicker
♣ Canning Class, Part 6: Canning meat by Jackie Clay-Atkinson
♣ Tips for planting and growing garlic by Tom Kovach
♣ Rethinking the weeds by Mary Ann Lieser
♣ Keeping garden tools sharp by Tom Kovach
♣ Basketry for beginners by Setanta O’Ceillaigh
♣ Bucket yoke by R.E. Rawlinson
♣ Making our marks by Millie Baker Ragosta

Fall 2017 – Volume 2, Issue 3

♣ A sturdy, inexpensive, easy-to-move chicken tractor by Dave Duffy
♣ Gardening after 60 by Jackie Clay-Atkinson
♣ Canning class, Part 5: Pressure canning by Jackie Clay-Atkinson
♣ Homemade condiments add a gourmet touch to almost any meal by Linda Gabris
♣ Stocking your wetland pantry: A short list of the edible and useful plants that await the knowledgeable forager by Hazel Corey
♣ An old-school cache to store food and supplies by Setanta O’Ceillaigh
♣ Working my way up, Part 6: A whole year on the new homestead by Setanta O’Ceillaigh
♣ Homegrown, homemade pumpkin pie by Ilene Duffy
♣ Healthy dips from around the world by Habeeb Salloum
♣ A home funeral is a loving, legal, and inexpensive final gesture by Becky Calcutt
♣ Little ones on the homestead by Melissa Souza
♣ Fall gardening by Tom Kovach

Summer 2017 – Volume 2, Issue 2

♣ Sweet corn by Jackie Clay-Atkinson
♣ Jersey Giants: The triple-purpose chicken by Patrice Lewis
♣ Campfire baking by Linda Gabris
♣ Fresh figs by Kristina Seleshanko
♣ Canning class, Part 4: Tomatoes by Jackie Clay-Atkinson
♣ The best chicken house I ever built by Dave Duffy
♣ Working my way up, Part 5: Outfitting my new home by Setanta O’Ceillaigh
♣ This homemade auger stand makes installation a breeze by Patrice Lewis
♣ Do-it-yourself cultured stone by Allen Easterly
♣ Toothbrush rag rugs by Annie Brazier
♣ Make a Viking style drinking or blowing horn by Kevin W. Austin
♣ Bike foraging by Setanta O’Ceillaigh
♣ A sack of potatoes by Tom Kovach
♣ Poppy’s Kettle Corn: A Sweet Success by Allen Easterly
♣ Freeze your garden vegetables to enjoy them all year ‘round by Jennifer Stein Barker
♣ Turmeric milk: What it is and how to make it by Katelynn Bond

Spring 2017 – Volume 2, Issue 1

♣ Spring cleaning by Linda Gabris
♣ Laundry line tips from an old hat by Amanda Woodlee
♣ Hatch your own eggs with an incubator by Jackie Clay-Atkinson
♣ What to expect when you’re expecting goat kids by Jackie Clay-Atkinson
Grow food — not grass by Melissa Souza
♣ How we built our garden on a hill by Carol Hill
♣ Why gardening is such good exercise, especially for women by Tom Kovach
♣ Build a solitary bee house for your native pollinators by Miranda Rommel
♣ Strike Master Survival Fire Starter — It’s the original “fire-starter” tool and it is still the best by Dave Duffy
♣ Working my way up, Part 4: Buying a new lot and building a new cabin by Setanta O’Ceillaigh
♣ Feta cheese by Melissa Souza
♣ Canning class, Part 3: Pickles by Jackie Clay-Atkinson
Building a calf transport cage by Patrice Lewis
♣ Starting my backyard flock by Setanta O’Ceillaigh

Winter 2016 – Volume 1, Issue 3

♣ A predator-proof chicken coop by Dorothy Ainsworth
♣ A hand-held GPS and solar charger makes it easy to find your way in any situation by Jeffrey R. Yago
♣ Your homestead dog by Jackie Clay-Atkinson
♣ Canning class Part 2: Jellies, jams, preserves, marmalades, butters, and conserves by Jackie Clay-Atkinson
♣ Try harvesting smaller diameter firewood with a bow saw and sawbuck by Setanta O’Ceillaigh 
♣ Essential spices that define my kitchen by Habeeb Salloum 
♣ Working my way up, Part 3: Improving my cabin by Setanta O’Ceillaigh
♣ How to make carved wooden bowls by Evan Hoffman
♣ A cheerful giver by Jenny Flores 
♣ Homemade Korean kimchi by Melissa Souza
♣ Radish tails, garlic scapes, and other tasty garden treats by Linda Gabris
♣ A grocery store in your home: The making of a canning closet by Patrice Lewis
♣ The sillcock key by Christopher J. Ranallo 

Fall 2016 – Volume 1, Issue 2

♣ Canning class (part 1) by Jackie Clay-Atkinson 
♣ Grow garlic! by Miranda Rommel
♣ Putting chicken in the freezer by Melissa Souza
♣ Raising children to be self-reliant by Anna Twitto
♣ Save seeds, save money, grow better by Gail Butler
♣ Tanning sheepskins by Lacey Jean 
♣ Solar-powered water pumping by Jeffrey R. Yago
♣ Working my way up, Part 2: Moving up to a storage barn by Setanta O’Ceillaigh
♣ Rainwater diverter project by Christopher J. Ranallo
♣ Avoiding botulism when canning food by Joe and Amy Alton
♣ Add spice to your life with fire cider by Katelynn Bond
♣ Microwave bread by Al Starner 
♣ Bean and pumpkin soup by Ilene Duffy
♣ Drying food by a wood stove by Setanta O’Ceillaigh
♣ Quinoa by Linda Gabris 
♣ Apple pie brandy by Gail Butler
♣ Let’s talk MREs! by Christopher J. Ranallo
♣ Spice up your homeschool with these 12 creative activities by Lisa Tanner

Summer 2016 – Volume 1, Issue 1

♣ Cooking in an earth oven by Diana Van Driesche
♣ Off-the-shelf solar kits make rural life easier by Jeffrey R. Yago
♣ Build a rabbit hutch and tractor by Melissa Souza
♣ Raising quail for dinner by Carole West
♣ 8 things kids learn in the garden by Tom Kovach
♣ Starting your home apple orchard by Charles Sanders
♣ Melon pits, sheet composting, and compost tea by David Goodman
♣ Make a minnow trap for bait and catfood by Setanta O’Ceillaigh 
♣ A-frame huts for small animals by Dave Duffy
♣ Build an easy pig shelter by Jackie Clay-Atkinson
♣ Construct a simple swamp well by Setanta O’Ceillaigh 
♣ Delicious recipes for home-raised rabbit by Jackie Clay-Atkinson
♣ Farmer’s cheese by Miranda Rommel 
♣ Fresh herbs and shepherd’s pie by Ilene Duffy
♣ Healthy grains — rediscovered by Habeeb Salloum 
♣ Herbal tea for urinary tract infection by Angeline Hawkes
♣ Easy plum wine by Melissa Souza 
♣ Working my way up, Part 1: Living in a storage shed by Setanta O’Ceillaigh 
♣ A few tips for cutting firewood by Chuck Klein 
♣ Organized couponing can save you big bucks by Melissa Souza
♣ Dandelion, a magical plant by Johny Alives
♣ A recipe for dandelion honey by Melissa Souza
♣ Foraging and using wild elderberries by Gail Butler
♣ 7 plants to forage in summer by Karen M. House

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Issue 14 – March/April 2016

♣ Off-grid living on a shoestring budget by Jackie Clay-Atkinson
 Building a small (not tiny) house by Scott McIntire
♣ Laundry day in the desert by Joel Simon
 Long-term fuel storage by Rich Goss
♣ Three easy PVC projects for your property by Erwin Wunderlich
♣ Recycling matchless socks by Angeline Hawkes
♣ Make a therapeutic rice bag by Angeline Hawkes
♣ Apple cider vinegar by Melissa Souza
♣ The salad primer by Pamela Gilsenan
♣ Common-sense gardening by Phil Biggs
 Vine peaches by Angeline Hawkes

Issue 13 – January/February 2016

♣ Workplace preparedness by Rich Goss
♣ Growing our own food by Melissa Souza
♣ Dehydrating eggs and making a manual vacuum-sealer by Monika Williams
♣ Lessons learned from livestock by Donna Insco
♣ Simple, easy-to-sew tote bags by Angeline Hawkes
♣ Make thermal window quilts by Pamela Gilsenan
♣ Sew it yourself: flannel cosmetic rounds by Angeline Hawkes
 Sourdough starter and bread by Melissa Souza
♣ Growing honeyberries by Jackie Clay-Atkinson
♣ The truth about poke salad by Karen M. House
 Wild asparagus of the backwoods by John Murray
♣ Alternative maple syrup by Setanta O’Ceillaigh

Issue 12 – November/December 2015

 Practical prepping by Melissa Souza
♣ Mom’s purse by Jackie Clay-Atkinson
♣ Aftermarket vehicle lighting for improved vision and safety by Len Torney
 The pill vial survival stash by Kim Robertson
 Honey remedies by Linda Zimnick
♣ Garlic — an antibiotic you can grow in your garden by Linda Zimnick
♣ Rebuilding an old garden tool by Setanta O’Ceillaigh
♣ Sew reusable gift bags by Angeline Hawkes
 Make a solar pizza box oven by Becky Oberg
 Catching and cooking crayfish by John Murray
♣ Northern and Southern traditions: How I cook a stuffed Thanksgiving turkey by Angeline Hawkes
♣ Chicken dishes from the Arab Middle East by Habeeb Salloum

Issue 11 – September/October 2015

♣ Why not add a dairy goat to your homestead? by Jackie Clay-Atkinson
 When are top-bar hives a good decision? by Phillip Meeks
♣ Confessions of a desert rat: Life in the boonies on $30 a week by Joel Simon
♣ A home for free by Jackie Clay-Atkinson
 Marriage on the homestead: A guide to help prepare for and prevent marital crisis by Jay Wiese
♣ Profiting from acorns by John Murray
 Homestead vegetables for winter storage by Phillip Meeks
♣ Simple, cheap power in any outbuilding by Setanta O’Ceillaigh
♣ Making rustic doors for pennies by Robert L. Williams
♣ Fast and easy homemade toys by Angeline Hawkes
 ♣ A plethora of plums by Melissa Souza
 Chicken dishes from East Africa by Habeeb Salloum

Issue 10 – July/August 2015

♣ Cut garden costs by saving seeds by Jackie Clay-Atkinson
♣ Long-term emergency food storage by Melissa Souza
♣ Make your own wood ash lye by Winston Foster
♣ 10 uses for… by Angeline Hawkes
♣ Making kombucha tea at home by Melissa Souza
♣ Healing trees by Katelynn Bond
 Mobile home roof repair by Daniel Motz
♣ Those aren’t moccasins by Setanta O’Ceillaigh
 Sewing washable baby wipes by Angeline Hawkes
♣ The care and feeding of a wood-burning range by Donna Insco
♣ “Just right” biscuits by Katie Martin
 Harvesting wild blackberries by Karen M. House
♣ Make $300 a cord for pine, poplar, and cottonwood by Setanta O’Ceillaigh

Issue 9 – May/June 2015

♣ Growing carrots and parsnips by Jackie Clay-Atkinson
♣ Growing summer squash by Sylvia Gist
♣ The garden water retention ring by Larry B. Bramble
♣ Zucchini: The most versatile fruit in your garden by Tanya Kelley
 Squash delights by Katie Martin
♣ Liven up your cooking with lemons by Linda Gabris
♣ Making meat broth by James S. Juczak
 How we homeschool by Melissa Souza
♣ Alternative uses for lemons by Linda Gabris
♣ Foraging for ramps and dandelions by Miriam Szkup
 Pitch — treasure of the woods by Katelynn Bond
♣ Dangerous snakes of the backwoods by John Murray
♣ The Freebarrow: How to make a wooden wheel for a broken wheelbarrow by Setanta O’Ceillaigh

Issue 8 – March/April 2015

♣ Grow your own salad greens by Sylvia Gist
♣ Growing and eating rhubarb by Rose Nagel Brooks
♣ Healthy and tasty salads by Habeeb Salloum
 Make your own salad dressings by Katie Martin
 Make homemade butter — without owning a cow by James Kash
♣ Storing food the right way by Jackie Clay-Atkinson
 Knife sharpening: The coarse truth about a fine skill by Wayne Adair
♣ Antique tools by R. E. Rawlinson
♣ The modular woodshed by Setanta O’Ceillaigh 
 Broth, stew, and sauce: Recipes for good health by Kimberly Hartke
♣ The health benefits of keeping pets by Tom Kovach 
♣ Inexpensive natural relief for dry skin by Melisa Mink
♣ How to (not) butcher a cow by Julie Kinney

Issue 7 – January/February 2015

 Basic long-term food storage by James Kash
♣ Recycling containers for better storage by Len McDougall
 Setting up a home bakery by Ruth Collins
♣ Healthy, budget-friendly, delicious grains by Linda Gabris
♣ The Nashville sourdough by Karen M. House
♣ The incredible edible rabbit by John Murray
♣ The drunken Northman by Setanta O’Ceillaigh
 Rhubarb: the pioneers’ pie plant by Jackie Clay-Atkinson
♣ How we water our organic garden off-grid by Merlyn Seeley
 Make homestead milk soap by Melisa Mink
♣ Make felted mittens by Carol Freiberg
♣ Nature photography — art anyone can make by Karen M. House

Issue 6 – November/December 2014

♣ Build a feeder to reduce waste by Jeanne Bilder
♣ An ATV, the homesteaders’ small tractor by Jackie Clay-Atkinson
 Are there holes in your preparedness plan? by Jackie Clay-Atkinson
 Restoring the stable by David Eddings
♣ Holiday treats by Linda Gabris
♣ Dry beans by Sylvia Gist
 Keeping dairy goats by Karen M. House
♣ An alternative way to remove goat horns by Donna Insco
♣ Living off the grid: My five-year adventure by Donna Insco
♣ Pruning shrubs by Tom Kovach
♣ Build a goat-proof dog feeding area by Robby Lockeby
♣ Hard lessons learned: First winter camp by Len McDougall

Issue 5 – September/October 2014

♣ A beginner’s guide to preparedness by Jackie Clay-Atkinson
♣ The new wood stove by Donna Insco
♣ To build a fire by Jim Comstock
 What to do when the power goes off by Karen M. House
 Apple preserves by Kristina Jensen
 Homemade bread and jam by Katy Runacres
♣ Dumplings by Habeeb Salloum
♣ Gourmet meals made from ground meats by Linda Gabris
♣ GPS versus compass: Which is best? by Len McDougall
♣ Harvesting wild plants for food and medicinal purposes by Karen M. House
♣ Build a solar wall to heat your garage by Brad Miller
♣ Tire maintenance and repair by Steven Gregerson
♣ Build a goat barn by Whit Erwin
♣ Log building maintenance by Donna Insco

Issue 4 – July/August 2014

♣ Creating community through work parties by Brie Malarkey
♣ Rex: A story of love by David Eddings
 Being udderly inept: My adventures in “goat-sitting” by Ruth Dixon
 Build a milking stand for your goat by Whit Erwin
♣ Hunting with the ancient atlatl by Jason Akers
♣ Building a rocket stove and cooking on it, too! by Tanya Kelley
♣ Homemade Lazy Susan by Lucas Crouch
♣ Pass the pasta, please by Linda Gabris
♣ Spicy eggplant and vegetable preserves by Kristina Jensen
♣ Mangel wine by Katy Runacres
♣ Healthy desserts by Habeeb Salloum
♣ Rhubarb the garden’s tart treat by Charles Sanders
♣ Wildflower warfare by Sharon Cassano-Lochman
♣ Using an unheated greenhouse in fall, winter, and spring by Sylvia Gist

Issue 3 – May/June 2014

 Grow fruit by Jackie Clay-Atkinson
 Self-seeding plants by Tom Kovach
 Growing, preserving, and using sweet corn by Charles Sanders
♣ Radicchio by Tom Kovach
 Useful gardening tips by Lucas Crouch
♣ How to brew mead at home by Steff Green
♣ Frivolous fondues… a fun way to feed family and friends by Linda Gabris
♣ Vacuum-pack dry foods by James Melton
 Pear, walnut, and apple chutney by Katy Runacres
♣ Raising meat rabbits by James Kash
♣ Little Vampires by Whit Erwin
 Things to think about when planning a chicken coop by Katy Runacres
 “Alternative” libraries by Pamela Gilsenan
♣ Before buying that place in the country… by Donna Insco
♣ How to start and maintain a prepper group by Avery Horton 

Issue 2 – March/April 2014

 Home canning meat by James Kash
 Homemade sauerkraut by Catherine Cousins
♣ Old-fashioned canned beans done the modern, New World way by Linda Gabris
♣ Homer, Aunt Ruby, and cucumber onion mustard pickles by Janet Henderson
♣ Feasting on dandelions by Kristina Seleshanko
 Bug-out bags beyond the basics by Jim Cobb
 Three first aid kits by Donna Insco
♣ Wealthsteading: the buy and hold myth by John Pugliano
♣ Make a red oak longbow: hunt with a handmade weapon by Jason Akers
 A quickly-made, cheap minnow trap by Winston Foster
♣ Curing a country ham by Gerald Medlin
♣ Babywearing for the backwoods mom by Amy Kelly
 Fly tying for profit by David O’Farrell
♣ Amaranth: The herb that keeps on giving by Ansel Oommen
 The trouble with groundhogs by Ruth O’Neil
 The Veggie Wagon project by Sylvia Gist
 Gardening for small spaces: Patio tomatoes and herbs by Tom Kovach
♣ Ten nutritious plants to forage or grow by Jesse Vernon Trail

Issue 1 – November December 2013

 Plant your own orchard by Jackie Clay-Atkinson 
 Ten of the most nutritious herbs by Jesse Trail
♣ The (almost) effortless garden by Tanya Kelley
♣ Callaloo: The best green for the worst gardener by Carolyn Evans-Dean 
 Natural minerals for the garden  by Tom Kovach
 Stuffed vegetables by Linda Gabris
 Making soup stock by Sylvia Gist
♣ Benefit from freezing your own food by Gladys J. Richter
 Making baby food by Anissa Patten
♣ Faux pumpkin pie by Donna Insco 
♣ A chip off the old potato by Tim Murphy
 Harvesting wild grapes and making jelly by Donna Adams
♣ The many uses of the slippery elm tree by Rev. J.D. Hooker 
♣ Use the Internet for easy plant identification by Jason Akers 
 Maitake mushrooms will make you dance with joy by Susan Vetrone
♣ Build a pizza oven by Mike Lorenzen 
♣ Creating an attractive farmers’ market display by Steff Green
 Composting with worms by Leila Bolster
♣ Recycle clothes pegs into fishing lures by Winston Foster
♣ Home-built canned food dispenser by Harry McCarty 
 Recycle coffee cans into a gardening bucket by Winston Foster
♣ Shoot, frame, and shut up! by Tanya Kelley 

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