Welcome, Backwoods Home Magazine readers!

Most Self-Reliance fans will have seen the announcement from Backwoods Home Magazine by now, that after 28 years my parents will close the doors on the printed edition of the magazine and slip into retirement. It is a bittersweet moment for our entire family. My brothers and I grew up in the pages of BHM, and I worked there as an editor for more than 15 years before launching Self-Reliance. It is a bit sappy to say, but true nonetheless: BHM raised me.

When my dad, Dave Duffy, founded Backwoods Home Magazine in 1989, I know he and my step-mom, Ilene, never expected the impact it would have on tens of thousands of readers. Innumerable are the letters and handshakes they received over the past quarter century to say, “Thank you. BHM changed our lives.”

If you are a current Backwoods Home Magazine subscriber, any issues you are due to receive in 2018 will be fulfilled by Self-Reliance automatically. BHM readers who open the pages of Self-Reliance for the first time will see many familiar names and plenty of new faces, too. Long-time BHM writers Jackie Clay-Atkinson, Linda Gabris, Jeff Yago, and many others are already frequent contributors to Self-Reliance.

My brother Sam and I welcome you to Self-Reliance, where we will carry the torch that BHM lit into the future. We know you’ll miss Backwoods Home Magazine, and we don’t expect to fill the big shoes it will leave behind. We’ve pulled on our own Read Reaboots and are cutting our own path, because we believe that no matter where you live, you can live a more self-reliant life.

Annie Tuttle
Managing Editor

Sam Duffy

From left, Publisher Sam Duffy, Olga Tuttle, Managing Editor Annie Tuttle, and Clara Tuttle with goat kids born on the Tuttle’s Oregon farm.

Read Dave Duffy’s announcement here.

Dave and Ilene Duffy, who founded Backwoods Home Magazine in 1989, will cease printing the magazine at the end of 2017. The magazine will continue distribution as a digital magazine on the Amazon Kindle platform.