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Creating community through work parties

By Brie Malarkey 

Homesteaders often flee cities to seek independence, yet in many cases it takes a rural village of like-minded neighbors to work land efficiently and economically. Why should any one person or a couple of rural landowners go at it alone simply because they lay claim to the land they occupy? Whether one is a modern homesteader, farmer, or rancher, living independently in a rural setting is exhausting work. Balancing the rural lifestyle coupled with today’s financial demands leaves a great deal of landowners overwhelmed — both fiscally and physically.… Read the rest

“Alternative” libraries

By Pamela Gilsenan

If someone suggested that you start a library in your community, you would probably look at them oddly and say, “We already have a library.” Usually, when someone says the word “library,” we think of books and ancient instructional CDs. But what if we widened our definition of libraries to include holders of gathered materials, repositories of organized stuff, or collections of usable objects?

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