About Self-Reliance

Our Products

Self-Reliance Publication’s primary product is Self-Reliance magazine, a 100-page quarterly homestead and rural living magazine. Articles in the magazine generally fall into one of the following categories: kitchen, workshop, garden, self-reliant home, the woods, barnyard, community, preparedness, and healthy homestead.

Our Details

As of 6/28/21, the circulation of Self-Reliance magazine is about 15,000. The magazine is available both in print and on Amazon Kindle.

Our History

Self-Reliance magazine began in 2013 under Backwoods Home Magazine’s purview as a Kindle only magazine. Self-Reliance magazine split from Backwoods Home Magazine in 2016 and began publishing as a printed magazine under Self-Reliance Publications. It is currently owned and operated by Sam Duffy and Annie Tuttle.

Our Staff

Publisher: Sam Duffy
Managing Editor: Annie Tuttle
Senior Editor: Dave Duffy
Business Adviser: Ilene Duffy
Editorial Coordinator: Lisa Nourse
Artist: Don Childers
Office Manager: Riley Snyder
Administrative Assistants: Kaitlyn Walker, Shawnell Tolliver, and Sarah Kendall.