In the garden

Fruits For The Far North

By Johanna Melchiore Eighteen years ago when we moved from our Maine homestead to Canada where we established a new homestead in the wilderness of northern...

In the workshop

In the self-reliant home

A Beginner’s Guide To Preparedness

By Jackie Clay-Atkinson I’ve written a lot about food storage for a preparedness pantry in the past. Much of it is now found in the...

An Old-School Cache To Store Food And Supplies

By Setanta O’Ceillaigh After two very productive gardens and two winters of dehydrating food, I found I had a substantial amount of dried goods in...

In the barnyard

The circle of homesteading

By Patrice Lewis It all started one day about 20 years ago when I was cleaning the barn. My task involved shoveling manure into a compost...

In the woods

In the kitchen

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