In the garden

Repotting Plants

By Tom Kovach Gardeners use pot containers to plant anything from vegetables to herbs, to flowers. Pot containers are handy when there is limited space for...

In the workshop

In the self-reliant home

Are There Holes In Your Preparedness Plan?

By Jackie Clay-Atkinson Providing for your family is a basic self-reliance tenet. I don’t look at myself as a “prepper” (a word referring to folks...

Little Ones On The Homestead

By Melissa SouzaEverywhere I go around the homestead I have four little ones following close behind me, two of which always have their boots...

In the barnyard

The circle of homesteading

By Patrice Lewis It all started one day about 20 years ago when I was cleaning the barn. My task involved shoveling manure into a compost...

In the woods

In the kitchen

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