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Whether you live deep in the woods or on the top floor of a high-rise apartment, we truly believe that you can enrich your life by becoming more self-reliant.
This magazine contains articles on cooking, DIY information, gardening, livestock, foraging, building, and preparedness.

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In the current issue — Fall 2018

Emergency Preparedness
♣ Pacific Northwest Megaquake — it may be just around the corner by Dave Duffy
♣ Planning for survival with the OODA loop
by Don Lewis
♣ Where will you get water in an emergency? by Patrice Lewis
♣ Earthquake power
by Jeffrey R. Yago, P.E.
♣ Emergency sanitation
by Patrice Lewis
♣ Medical issues in earthquake scenarios
by Joe Alton, MD
♣ Mommy, I’m hungry!
by Jackie Clay-Atkinson
♣ When natural disaster strikes, a pantry full of canned foods is a real life saver
by Linda Gabris

In the self-reliant home
♣ Keeping clean by Angeline Hawkes
♣ On being sharp by Len McDougall

In the garden
♣ Survival gardening by Jackie Clay-Atkinson
♣ Tips for the new gardener by Tom Kovach
♣ Short season gardening by Michele Cooper

In the kitchen
♣ Make ghee: The shelf-stable way to preserve butter by Kathy Harrison
♣ Preserving pears by Kristina Seleshanko
♣ Make bone broth by Melissa Souza

In the workshop
♣ A scrap bookshelf anyone can make by Roger W. Grim

♣ Ask Jackie by Jackie Clay-Atkinson
♣ Reader feedback


Build a goat-proof dog feeding area
By Robby Lockeby My Great Pyrenees is the perfect herd dog: she’s aggressive enough to chase off predators, yet gentle
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Knife sharpening: The coarse truth about a fine skill
By Wayne Adair At age 63 now, I’ve been a knife owner for 59 years. Your math is correct. I
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Growing carrots and parsnips
By Jackie Clay-Atkinson Most of us love carrots, and those of us who know how good parsnips taste love them
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Mobile home roof repair
By Daniel Motz One thing that most people who have ever lived in a mobile home can agree on is
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Melon pits, sheet composting, and compost tea
By David Goodman As an utter cheapskate, I’ve spent much of my life finding ways to re-use and stretch everything
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A few tips for cutting firewood
Chuck Klein There are only two economical, exciting, expeditious, and fun methods of cutting firewood: one is with a chainsaw,
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Laundry line tips from an old hat
By Amanda Woodlee Nothing warms my pioneer blood like clothes hanging on a line to dry. For me it’s a
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Tanning sheepskins
By Lacey Jean “I would sleep on this. And wear it! I would bring it everywhere!” one cherub-cheeked youngster exclaimed
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