In the garden

Amaranth: The Herb That Keeps On Giving

By Ansel Oommen Looking for a multipurpose herb to add to your garden? Amaranth has much to offer in terms of edible and ornamental versatility....

In the workshop

In the self-reliant home

Low-cost living: Frugality as a way of life

By Patrice Lewis Back in 1990, as newlyweds, my husband and I were normal. We lived in a rental house in Sacramento. We had two...

How We Homeschool

By Melissa Souza I have a degree in Early Childhood Education and taught in the public school system for three years. As soon as my...

In the barnyard

The circle of homesteading

By Patrice Lewis It all started one day about 20 years ago when I was cleaning the barn. My task involved shoveling manure into a compost...

In the woods

In the kitchen

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