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Practical prepping

By Melissa Souza

Sometimes when I drive into town I look around and think to myself, “One day this could all be different.” There have been countless zombie apocalypse, EMP blackout, and alien invasion television shows, but it’s doubtful that something like that would really happen. But what if it did? It’s difficult to imagine our familiar world with our convenient lives halted and radically altered. It seems like it could never happen, and the majority of folks live their lives telling themselves that it never will.… Read the rest

Growing carrots and parsnips

By Jackie Clay-Atkinson

Most of us love carrots, and those of us who know how good parsnips taste love them too. But over and over, I hear people say their rows either didn’t come up or that they never got a decent crop. Carrots and parsnips have gotten a reputation as being hard to grow. Because of that reputation, a lot of folks have just stopped trying to raise them.
These folks that have given up marvel at our lush rows of carrots and parsnips, demanding to know how we even got them to come up at all.… Read the rest