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Fall 2016 issue contents

♣ Drying food by a wood stove
♣ Moving up to a storage barn
♣ Raising children to be self-reliant
♣ Add spice to your life with fire cider
♣ Grow garlic!
♣ Canning class
♣ Putting chicken in the freezer
♣ Save seeds, save money, grow better
♣ Tanning sheepskins
♣ Solar-powered water pumping
♣ Rainwater diverter project
♣ Avoiding botulism when canning food
♣ Microwave bread
♣ Bean and pumpkin soup
♣ Quinoa
♣ Apple pie brandy
♣ Let’s talk MREs!
♣ Spice up your homeschool with these 12 creative activities

No matter where you are, you can live a more self-reliant life.