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Repotting plants

By Tom Kovach

Gardeners use pot containers to plant anything from vegetables to herbs, to flowers. Pot containers are handy when there is limited space for larger gardens, so even town and city folks can use them. But sometimes these plants have to be repotted to keep them healthy. Transferring a plant to a bigger pot, or refreshing the soil in the same pot is necessary for continued health and vigor for nearly all container plants, including trees, shrubs, perennials, water plants, and bulbs.… Read the rest

These six easy tips will help protect your dog’s health

By Krista Lawson

Pull into the driveway of any rural farm or homestead and you are bound to be greeted by a dog or two. Dogs become an integral part of many homesteads as livestock and property guardians or hunting dogs. Living in rural areas, we value our dogs for companionship as well. They often become part of the family. Keeping our homestead dogs healthy, and finding minor issues before they become major problems is important.… Read the rest

Croquettes — The super duper meat stretcher

By Angeline Hawkes

A croquette is a patty of various types of meat mixed with other ingredients. It is often associated with the Great Depression when housewives had to stretch their pennies. This economical dish, however, is far older than that. The word croquette finds its roots in France, circa 1700, and means “to crunch.” Many people associate croquettes with salmon, but the recipe can be created with almost any cooked meat. I use the following recipe with cooked chicken, turkey, and ham.… Read the rest

Yakisugi 焼杉

By Rick Brannan

A Japanese method of preserving wood by charring with fire

Like most urban homesteaders, I live on a small parcel of earth. Living small means utilizing every square foot of ground to produce food for the table. Four foot square garden beds work best for my needs. For me, a garden is for saving money, not spending money, therefore my beds cost me next to nothing. Some old pallets and some galvanized nails are all that is needed for some very functional garden beds.… Read the rest

Establishing a legal family cemetery

By Donna O’Shaughnessy

Take a drive thorough most any rural area of the United States and it’s still likely you’ll see a family cemetery. Unfortunately, most have been abandoned as evidenced by overgrown vegetation, collapsing headstones, and rusty fences. What once was a source of pride and a place of peaceful remembrance is now a rapidly disappearing piece of Americana, a scene of neglect.


The reasons for this are numerous and include increased financial and geographical mobility.… Read the rest