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Self-Reliance is going on the road!

We’ll be traveling all over the country this year to participate in 15 huge expositions featuring seminars, classes, hundreds of exhibitors, and thousands of participants, all with one thing in common — a desire to become more self-reliant, prepared, and educated. From canning and homesteading expert and author Jackie Clay-Atkinson to lunatic farmer Joel Salatin, these events are not to be missed. We’re excited to rub shoulders with some of the most prominent promoters of the self-reliance movement.… Read the rest

Laundry line tips from an old hat

By Amanda Woodlee

Nothing warms my pioneer blood like clothes hanging on a line to dry. For me it’s a chance to unwind while I take care of household business. It’s a wonderful basic country skill, but, after so many years of doing it, I have found ways to make it easier and avoid its pitfalls, such as dust and scratchy towels.

There are also monetary benefits to line-drying your clothes. The most obvious is how considerably it lowers your electric bill — twofold!… Read the rest

Feta cheese

 By Melissa Souza

As a child I remember my Yiya having balls of curds draining around her kitchen. She was from “Greece’s Old Country” as she called it. Her homemade feta cheese was maybe the best thing I have ever tasted. We used to sneak big chunks of it as it was aging in her fridge. We lost Yiya a few years ago, but keeping her recipes alive for my own children has always been very important to me.… Read the rest

Why gardening is such good exercise, especially for women

By Tom Kovach

There is an old maxim about exercise: “The best exercise is the one you are willing to do.”

For us rural folk, one of the exercises we are usually willing to do is gardening, because it is part of the lifestyle of living in the country. How lucky for us, because a growing body of scientific evidence says that gardening, even when compared to such strenuous exercises as swimming and jogging, is one of the best exercises a human being can do.… Read the rest