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Backwoods Home Magazine: The Fifth Year Anthology


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This print anthology offers one full year of BHM’s informative articles bound into an easy-to-read book.

Contains articles from 1994 (Issues 25-30).

Articles include:
– Homeschooling — is it right for your kids?
– The bow and arrow
– Planning a move from the city to the country
– Short season gardening
– Tips for cold-climate herb growing
– Try an isolated gain passive solar house
– Simplified concrete and masonry work
– Raising sheep
– Improving poor garden soil
– Synopsis of sourdough
– Determined woman builds distinctive vertical log studio
– Learn the basics of wall framing
– Build a 12-volt power plant
– Raising fish in the farm pond
– How to build a low-cost log lifter
– Use your own sawmill
– Old-fashioned desserts
– Try traditional fried squirrel
– Making and using a solar cooker
– Preventing and surviving stove and chimney fires
– Converting your gas car to electric
– Pemmican — the all-purpose food
– Designing for solar heating
– Build a fieldstone chimney
– A guide to growing ginseng
– Make delicious wine at home
… and more!

384 pages

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