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Backwoods Home Magazine: The Eighth Year Anthology


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This print anthology offers one full year of BHM’s informative articles bound into an easy-to-read book.

Contains articles from 1997 (Issues 43-48).

Articles include:
– Is steam power in your future?
– Nine-patch, baby, and log cabin quilts
– The best way to split gnarly firewood
– 17 tips for caring for windows, mirrors, and other glass
– Grow gourmet strawberries from seed
– Make a fenced chicken coop/garden
– Make your own fertilizers
– Leather repairs — the frugal way
– Raise your own feed crops for livestock
– Make manure tea
– Build an inexpensive jackleg fence
– 10 strong mildew deterrents
– Make your own quality rope
– Mossberg Model 500: the backwoods shotgun
– Build a bat house to control pests
– Install a chain link fence yourself
– Make a sidewalk garden bench
– Seven secrets of Dutch oven cooking
– Make a fully functional cold storage pit
– Plant Irish potatoes this fall or winter
– How to maintain a dirt road
– Four sure catfish baits
– Homemade wax bullets
– Make tofu yourself
– Protect your buildings from wind damage
– Comfrey — a powerful healing herb
… and more!

384 pages

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