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Backwoods Home Magazine: The Fourth Year Anthology


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This print anthology offers one full year of BHM’s informative articles bound into an easy-to-read book.

Contains articles from 1993 (Issues 19-24).

Articles include:
– Farm animals lead to self-sufficiency
– Make your own “grab-and-go” survival kits
– Insulation and vapor barriers
– How to stop termites
– Chicken with curried rice
– Preparing your photovoltaic system for winter
– Using and storing wheat at home
– High beds and high production
– A chronology of gold in American history
– Barn cleaning
– Hotbeds: get a jump on the growing season
– Roll your own biofertilizer
– How to build your own beehives
– Homebirth
– Buying your first dairy goat
– The right rifle for a woman
– Chinking for log homes
– Selecting the right PV voltage
– How to make cheese and butter
– Peppers for short season growers
– Slaughtering and butchering
– Solar panel testing and repair
– Wind power in the past and present
– Design and build a barn
– Getting sugar from trees
– Buying your first horse
… and more!

384 pages

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