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Backwoods Home Magazine: The Twenty-third Year Anthology


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This print anthology offers one full year of BHM’s informative articles bound into an easy-to-read book.

Contains articles from 2012 (Issues 133-138).

Articles include:
– On the road during troubled times
– Raising rabbits
– The 7 core areas of preparedness
– Build a barrel stove
– Prepping with children
– How to avoid homestead burnout
– Portable solar power
– Bulld a small cabin
– Essential oils
– Beekeeping with top bar hives
– Canning chicken
– Growing squash
– Build a poultry killing cone
– Middle Eastern breads
– Huckleberries
– How to skin a snapping turtle
– Build a chicken house in a day
– Build an outdoor mud oven
– Easy homemade dairy products
– Closing wounds in a remote setting
– Build a DIY hoop house
– Bartering for bad times
– Swedish log candle
– How to set tile
– Food security 101
– Spin wool with a drop spindle
… and more!

360 pages

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