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Emergency Preparedness and Survival Guide: Volume Five


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Section 1: The Threat

1) How did COVID-19 originate?
2) Pandemics of the past were much worse than COVID-19
3) An EMP will make COVID-19 type disruptions seem mild by comparison

Section 2: Immediate and Long-term Preparation

4) Vitamins D and K: way more important than you thought
5) Try steelhead, tuna, and salmon for more vitamin D in your diet
6) Boost your immune system with theseĀ fast and easy fish dishes
7) Emergency sanitation
8) Preparing for future pandemics
9) Boosting your immune system
10) Vitamin D and COVID-19
11) Keeping infectious germs out of the house
12) Sew a face mask
13) When natural disaster strikes, a pantry full of canned goods is a real life saver
14) A carefully planned pantry keeps your family well fedĀ and your home running smoothly
15) An introduction to dehydrating food
16) Home canning and botulism
17) Avoiding botulism when canning food
18) The unexpected homeschooler: How to teach your kids when schools are closed
19) Gardening during a crisis
20) A few tips for hatching eggs and starting chicks
21) How to slaughter and butcher a goat
22) Butchering and cooking a pig
23) Lethal force against a mob
24) Your survival depends on water
25) Are there holes in your preparedness plan?
26) Preparedness: Walk the walk

Along with the original book, which is now titled Volume One (288 pages), we’ve added four more books: Volume Two (224 pages), Volume Three (256 pages), Volume Four (270 pages), and Volume Five (271 pages). They contain more relevant and up-to-date information on the subjects covered in the original book.

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