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Grow your own salad greens

By Sylvia Gist

I like my salads to be colorful and tasty, which means I need a variety of “greens.” I like dark and light green leaves, red leaves, and different leaf shapes and textures in my salads.

Red-tinged winter lettuce planted in August

To get the ones I like, I grow them myself. One of the big advantages is that most grow quite fast so I don’t have to wait months to get a crop.… Read the rest

Rhubarb: The pioneers’ pie plant

By Jackie Clay-Atkinson

 Rhubarb was first cultivated in China in pre-medieval times and eventually was traded along the famous Silk Road to Russia and most of Europe. From there, settlers brought it to the New World, tucked in among other roots and seeds destined for new homesteads. As the frontier expanded westward, pioneers dug up chunks of their plants’ roots, wrapped them in burlap sacking, and brought the plants with them. Back in those days, rhubarb was known as “pie plant.” As sparse as foods were back in the 18th and 19th centuries, rhubarb was much valued and passed from one family member to another, one friend or neighbor to the next.… Read the rest

Rhubarb: the garden’s tart treat

By Charles Sanders

Rhubarb is a perennial vegetable that is used as a fruit. It is known scientifically as Rheum rhabarbarum and is a relative to dock and buckwheat. Rhubarb is also a common, old-fashioned homestead crop. The broad-leafed plant is grown for its sour stalks and is used in making deliciously sweet and tart pies, cobblers, and sauces. An early season crop, it enjoys the cooler days of spring; once the weather starts heating up, rhubarb will bolt.… Read the rest

Useful gardening tips

By Lucas Crouch

I’ve read a lot of articles where people give advice on gardening. However, the authors don’t grow the crops I do, they don’t have the weather I do, and I don’t have their budget or space. Nothing seems to apply. So I thought I would share some tips that work in my backyard with my garden.

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Amaranth: The herb that keeps on giving

By Ansel Oommen

Looking for a multipurpose herb to add to your garden? Amaranth has much to offer in terms of edible and ornamental versatility. Amaranth, also known as pigweed, is a genus of herbaceous annuals with a cosmopolitan distribution. They are drought-hardy, vigorous growers boasting a spectrum of hues that intensify in warm weather, from bright citrine to deep burgundy.  

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Ten of the most nutritious herbs

By Jesse Trail

 Most of us are aware of the nutritional benefits of fruits and vegetables; however, not too many know the important nutritional benefits that several of our common (and not so common) herbs have to offer. Here we will extol the important nutritional value of ten herbs, along with some additional information on how certain plant constituents provide health benefits beyond nutrition.

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