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Emergency Preparedness and Survival Guide: Volume Four


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Section 1: The Threat
1) Pacific Northwest Megaquake — it may be just around the corner
2) What happened to Native American tribes in 1700 during the last great megaquake in the Pacific Northwest?
3) Wildfires: Before, during, and after
4) Changing the odds in home fire protection
5) The five “P”s: a fire evacuation grab ‘n’ go kit
6) Emergency treatment for fire-related injuries

Section 2: Immediate and Long-term Preparation
7) Earthquake power
8) Power-up bag
9) Mommy, I’m hungry!
10) Basic long-term food storage
11) Storing food the right way
12) Cook simple, emergency meals from your pantry
13) Canning class
14) Canning class, part 2: Jellies, jams, preserves, marmalades, butters, and conserves
15) Canning class, part 3: Pickles
16) Canning class, part 4: Tomatoes
17) Canning class, part 5: Pressure canning
18) Canning class, part 6: Canning meat
19) Canning class, part 7: Canning vegetables
20) Serious homestead gardening
21) Foraging edible wild plants
22) The importance of a prepper community
23) Keeping clean
24) Avoiding the blues
25) Thoughts on armed church security
26) Medical issues in earthquake scenarios

Along with the original book, which is now titled Volume One (288 pages), we’ve added four more books: Volume Two (224 pages), Volume Three (256 pages), Volume Four (270 pages), and Volume Five (271 pages). They contain more relevant and up-to-date information on the subjects covered in the original book.

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