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Whether you live deep in the woods or on the top floor of a high-rise apartment, we truly believe that you can enrich your life by becoming more self-reliant.

This magazine contains articles on cooking, DIY information, gardening, livestock, foraging, building, and preparedness.

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In this issue — Summer 2016

On the cover

Cooking in an earth oven by Diana Van Driesche
Off-the-shelf solar kits make rural life easier by Jeffrey R. Yago, P.E., CEM
Build a rabbit hutch and tractor by Melissa Souza
Raising quail for dinner by Carole West

In the garden

8 things kids learn in the garden by Tom Kovach
Starting your home apple orchard by Charles Sanders
Melon pits, sheet composting, and compost tea by David Goodman

In the workshop

Make a minnow trap for bait and cat food by Setanta O’Ceillaigh
A-frame huts for small animals by Dave Duffy
Build an easy pig shelter by Jackie Clay-Atkinson
Construct a simple swamp well by Setanta O’Ceillaigh

In the kitchen

Delicious recipes for home-raised rabbit by Jackie Clay-Atkinson
Farmer’s cheese by Miranda Rommel
Fresh herbs and shepherd’s pie by Ilene Duffy
Healthy grains — rediscovered by Habeeb Salloum
Herbal tea for urinary tract infection by Angeline Hawkes
Easy plum wine by Melissa Souza

In the self-reliant home

Working my way up, Part 1: Living in a storage shed by Setanta O’Ceillaigh
A few tips for cutting firewood by Chuck Klein
Organized couponing can save you big bucks by Melissa Souza

In the woods

Dandelion, a magical plant by Johny Alives
A recipe for dandelion honey by Melissa Souza
Foraging and using wild elderberries by Gail Butler
7 plants to forage in summer by Karen M. House

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