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Whether you live deep in the woods or on the top floor of a high-rise apartment, we truly believe that you can enrich your life by becoming more self-reliant.
This magazine contains articles on cooking, DIY information, gardening, livestock, foraging, building, and preparedness.

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In this issue — Winter 2017

On the cover

♣ Impromptu shelters by Charles Sanders
♣ Potato onions: A mainstay for the self-reliant garden
by Patrice Lewis
♣ Processing rabbits
by Melissa Souza
♣ Happy Hogs
by Jenny Flores

In the self-reliant home

♣ Ask Jackie: Homesteading questions by Jackie Clay-Atkinson
♣ The Buddy Burner saves the really cold day by Len McDougall
♣ A key ring with a few mini-sized gadgets might be your first line of defense in an unexpected situation by Jeff Yago
♣ The wonders of ethylene by Patrice Lewis
♣ Preserving rabbit hides by Melissa Souza

In the kitchen

♣ Turn half a ham, dried beans, and split peas into 47 delicious meals by Jackie Clay-Atkinson
♣ An abundance of cranberries by Lisa Nourse
♣ Freekeh: An Ancient Cereal from the Past for the Future by Habeeb Salloum
♣ Bean hole beans: A hunter’s delight by Randy Dicker
♣ Canning Class, Part 6: Canning meat by Jackie Clay-Atkinson

In the garden

♣ Tips for planting and Tips for planting and growing garlic by Tom Kovach
♣ Rethinking the weeds  by Mary Ann Lieser

In the workshop

♣ Keeping garden tools sharp Keeping garden tools sharp by Tom Kovach
♣ Basketry for beginners by Setanta O’Ceillaigh
♣ Bucket yoke by R.E. Rawlinson

In the community

♣ Making our marks by Millie Baker Ragosta